Hello! My name is Issy Paterson. I am a current student artist at UMass Amherst, working towards a BFA in intermedia.

The reason I create, and I’m sure this could hold true for any artist, comes from a sense of yearning for the way I perceive the world to be seen and felt by others. I want my work to demonstrate an understanding of connectedness to ourselves, to each other, to the earth and beyond- to relay shared ideas, as well as leaving as much space as I can for individual experiences to be projected.

Experience is not necessarily physical, and in my work I tend to focus on the spiritual and emotional, whether it is demonstrated as a sympathization, a reflection, an abstraction, or a call to action. Materials don’t have much importance to my individual works, which is why I try as often as I can to use recycled and sustainable materials. However this idea of sustainability is also an overarching concept, as is the thought that what something is physically made of does not entirely matter.

We must take care of ourselves, and under this umbrella of ourselves we find the people and the earth that surround us. Whether this is done through compassion, through activism, or just a general love for your surroundings, this feeling of connectedness is a vital thing to share.